You can feel it in the air…those with opportunistic eyes can see it in almost every market…the real estate market is no exception, by far. In fact, things are at a point that almost no matter what your desire to advance your current real estate position is, this is the time to do it. Why?

The strengthening of almost ALL markets is being reverberated in almost every state in the country. Especially in Michigan.

Chrysler’s $1 Billion and 2500 new good jobs commitment improving living standards to all the Metro Detroit areas alone is very positive not to mention the subsidiary companies that will be created as a result.

Scores of small and medium sized businesses are expected to flourish as well. I could go on and on. The point is this:

When people have more money they spend more because the confidence level rises…simple economics here, right?


Whether your upgrade is a bigger home, area change or now you need a smaller home …it’s all upgrading. The beginning of such a time as we are heading is The GOLDEN MOMENT…for those who see it. Let’s talk…